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Outlook LP


Every once in a while a hardcore band comes along that has something about it that sets it apart from its contemporaries. Something like a creative edge or progressive style that lingers in the back of your mind until you come to realize that this is the kind of record that will be dug up in 20 years and actually have something about it that endures. Outlook from Olympia, WA pulls from all over the place with their musical influences and combines them to make a sound all their own. This combination isn't some sort of trash can soup but rather an eloquent chef blend (cf. Guy Fieri). Outlook takes fierce hardcore influence from the youth crew style and blends it with classic hardcore punk that pushed the envelope. Outrageous time signatures, unexpected syncopations and even a free jazz freak out are all incorporated in good taste making the music all the more punishing and affective. Poignant concepts and harsh criticisms drive this record home making it, in my opinion, one of the best and most original hardcore records from the Northwest. Do yourself a favor and pick this bad boy up.

25 copies left, Black vinyl

A1. Our Time Is Now
A2. All The Years
A3. Living For More
A4. Not In My Name
A5. Moving On
B1: Dead Peasants
B2: Release
B3: Gilded Cage
B4: All There Is
B5: Our Choice


All proceeds go to funding a hardcore fest in Olympia, WA in August and to make good on a promise to bring our friends from Mexico back to the states! All shipping is included in the item cost.